Training and Seminars for Teachers (English)


Target group

For teachers, instructors, tutors and professionals who are teaching in classrooms, remedial classes or learning groups. In line with the inter-disciplinary orientation of the training and of course participants from other areas of work are welcome.


Aim and content of the training

With the help of the Nicolay Method (NM®) teaching concept you will acquire the skills to teach children with reading and writing difficulties or dyslexia to read and write error free in English and other languages. It will require participation in a maximum of ten individual and successful sessions.


Course sequence 

Is composed of the provision of knowledge, practical exercises in small groups and also role-playing. Concept application with children who suffer from reading and writing difficulties or dyslexia plus supervision and individual coaching if necessary will take place.


Guarantee of success

With consistent use and implementation of the Nicolay Method (NM®) teaching concept in your area of work I guarantee that the skills you acquire during the training will allow you to assist children with reading and writing difficulties or dyslexia to see improvement within eight to twelve weeks.


Training dates

Some dates for the separate training components: BASIC 1-T4 can be found posted on the training calendar. At the start of the course further dates for the remaining components will be examined and chosen together with you.


Intensive training in small groups

For small groups, up to four individuals, we offer on site training at either our location or your practice location. The practical application takes place with children from your private practice who specifically suffer from reading and writing difficulties.



Should you require additional information please contact us by telephone or E-Mail. 



Event # participants




Total training (Basic 1-T4) maximum 10 56 hours € 1.250,- per person  

Small group intensive training maximum 4 56 hours € 1.950,- per person