I developed the Nicolay Method (NM) over a 20-year period using my experience as an Educator, Teacher Trainer, Family Therapist and Coach to help thousands of children overcome their reading and writing difficulties (RWD) or dyslexia challenges to correct spelling and become successful at error free reading and writing in English and other languages. Improving concentration and raising self-esteem are core components of this holistic method and solutions are even found for cases where mental disadvantages may be preventing successful learning. What is learned can easily be applied in other school subjects and the time spent in therapy is drastically reduced.


Helping to help oneself
A parent or tutor could be actively involved in the individual learning sessions and receives practical guidance and instruction for continuing the support at home without the need of external help. It is not necessary for them to have an educational background or even be entirely competent in writing themselves.


One-to-One sessions $100 / €80 per hour. Special rates are available for the socially disadvantaged and socially active institutions.


How often 
As a rule most children will require four to ten individual sessions with H.D. Nicolay or a teacher/therapist trained in using the Nicolay Method (NM). The first two sessions will occur in the same week. After eight to twelve weeks of incorporating the concept, error free spelling, reading and writing will occur in English and other languages. In some cases additional family coaching consultations or sessions may be necessary to balance out family disharmonies that may attribute to hindering the learning process. You can find information regarding family coaching here.


Prevent Reading/Writing difficulties and dyslexia 
The book "The Dyslexia Myth" is a practical guide and workbook to "help you help yourself". It offers clear and easy instructions for parents, teachers and therapists to coach and instruct children who suffer from dyslexia or have reading and writing problems to become able to read and write known words error free. If implemented as early as the second grade, the Nicolay Method (NM®) can prevent children from developing language difficulties and later can even be effectively applied in other school subjects.


Some letters of references from parents, schools and other institutions can be found here here.