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NRM-Basisseminar Therapeuten und Lehrkräfte
06.02.2016 - 07.02.2016
Location: Zürich

NRM-Basisseminar Therapeuten und Lehrkräfte
13.02.2016 - 14.02.2016
Location: Frankfurt

NRM-Basisseminar Therapeuten und Lehrkräfte
20.02.2016 - 21.02.2016
Location: Berlin

NRM-Basisseminar Therapeuten und Lehrkräfte
27.02.2016 - 28.02.2016
Location: Munich

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The Dyslexia MythWelcome to our Homepage!

Here you will find an explanation of the services we offer to support children of all ages to become successful in spelling, reading and writing. In just four to ten individual sessions we can coach children with Dyslexia and/or reading and writing challenges to learn how to spell known vocabulary words correctly, and ultimately read and write error-free leading to good grades in school. We emphasize the importance of us being able to show you how to “help you help yourself…” with the implementation of an innovative teaching/tutoring concept I developed, which is based upon a visual learning strategy as opposed to a phonetic approach. Our coaching is tailor made to suit your needs and parents, tutors and learning partners could be actively involved. Teachers and therapists will learn through our specialized classroom presentations and training seminars how to integrate my concept into their own teaching methods. 

We are currently available for individual ONLINE COACHING sessions.

Online Tutoring:
In four to ten individual online sessions we coach children to acquire good to error-free spelling, reading and writing skills by using the “Nicolay Method - Tutoring Concept”. Parents/tutors could be actively involved and they will obtain practical instructions for continuing assistance at home and concluding it successfully.

Classroom Teaching Concept:
We go into schools to incorporate the “Nicolay Method - Teaching Concept” in both English and foreign languages. It enables the students to acquire good to error-free spelling, reading and writing skills and as a result the onset of reading and writing problems is prevented.

Training Seminars:
Teachers and Therapists will learn through our specific training seminars and workshops how to integrate our successful concepts into their own classrooms and therapeutic methods.

Family Coaching:
Parents are given the support needed to complete their family and professional tasks in a more effective and relaxed way. After just a few sessions, you and your children will begin to make adjustments and notice a positive change in both the family and school atmosphere(s).


Reading and writing difficulties

Rapid Help
Rapid help is available. In four to ten individual sessions we can coach children with reading and writing difficulties or dyslexia to read and write error free. Parents or tutors could be actively involved during the sessions to further continue the process at home.

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Family coaching

New paths
New paths are discovered to improve the quality of family communication and relationships. Family tasks will be carried out more effectively and with less stress and as a result family bonds are strengthened.

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The new book

The Dyslexia Myth
This practical guide is to "help to help yourself". 
It provides, parents, teachers and therapists with the tools to coach children with reading and writing difficulties (RWD) or dyslexia to correct spelling and read and write error free in any language.

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Further questions?
About dyslexia, therapies for difficulties in reading and writing and finding therapists for dyslexia, standard diagnostic tests for measuring difficulties in reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic? About dyslexia therapists and reading and writing therapists in your area?
You will find more information and frequently asked questions about the Nicolay – Reading/Writing - Method © here